Welcome to Beslon Cannas, who have been growing, collecting, photographing, breeding, researching and writing about canna for the last 25+ years.

The Canna Collection was initially founded in Claines, Worcester, England by Thor Dalebö, where the collection grew to nearly 300 varieties and species. It survived the virulent canna virus outbreak, near physical destruction in 2014 and then subsequently rebuilt and finally moved to Lower Normandy, France in 2017, where we are now located.

New Canna Varieties

Over the decades that we have been breeding cannas, we have registered over 50 new varieties, ranging from Crozy and Premier  Groups to the ever-popular River Series of aquatic cannas, and we have now recommenced our interrupted breeding programme, and several new cultivars have been introduced in the last years.

Canna Virus

Our long-standing policy of culling any plant showing virus symptoms has worked well, and the problem is under control in our virus-free collection.  

Canna ‘Australia’

After the last two strange Canna years, made difficult by the Cov-19 lockdowns in both England and France, we hope that we can return to normal this year and will be able to offer canna enthusiasts our plump, virus-free surplus stock next year.


To ensure the safety and health of our plants and livestock, we do not offer any form of visitation as Biosecurity is our top priority.  Thank you for understanding.

Canna ‘Tom Thumb’

Sales of Surplus Stock

To help to finance what is a private collection, we sell surplus rhizomes each spring. This website has a ‘shop’ where plants can be purchased, but only in small quantities as we are not a canna farm but a private collection attempting to preserve the heritage varieties, as well as the latest commercial fancies.

Sales over the winter and early spring are for green rhizomes, and by the late spring will be satisfied by young growing plants. Note that we do not sell ‘dry’ rhizomes, only fresh rootstock.

We can supply cannas (plants, seeds) to anywhere in the European Union, but are no longer selling to the United Kingdom because of the new export/import regulations following Brexit.

Some countries in Europe, but not in the EU, may accept living plants by post. Switzerland normally seems to accept living plants. Norway normally does not, but accepts rhizomes. If we send plants to countries in Europe but outside the EU, it is at the customer’s risk.

Canna ‘Stuttgart’

We cannot supply plants to any country outside of Europe because of Export/Import regulations, but we can supply seeds.

For orders of 6 plants or less we apply a standard post and packing charge of €15.00 (EUROS). No charge is made for larger quantities.